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Ventilation and Extraction

Modern Ventilation Systems for Fresh and Healthy Air

Sufficient ventilation is essential for maintaining a healthy home environment, as it helps reduce excess moisture, condensation, and stagnant air, along with their harmful effects. Shockingly, around 30% of homes in New Zealand face issues related to internal moisture, leading to high rates of asthma and respiratory problems in the country.

Ventilation systems help create a healthier living environment for you and your family by purifying the indoor air. Unlike heating or cooling devices, ventilation systems don’t alter the room temperature; instead, they circulate and mix the indoor air with fresh air from outside.

Explore our range of modern ventilation systems tailored to suit every home. With these ventilation systems at your home, you can always have a breath of fresh air.

A SmartVent Positive Pressure system creates a healthier living environment by guaranteeing your family breathes fresh, clean air. These systems are equipped with advanced sensor control technology specifically designed for New Zealand’s climate. These sensors analyse data to determine the necessary ventilation level and air source to reduce condensation which ultimately lowers the risk of viral infections, mould issues, respiratory problems, smoke and carbon monoxide inhalation. These systems are ideal for most homes, especially those with timber and older aluminium joinery, facilitating good air circulation.

Smart Vent Brochure

Heat Trans systems capture the extra heat from your warm lounge or main heating room (where the temperature is between 30-35°C) using a high-quality fan or insulated ducting and send it through special pipes to other rooms in your home to make those areas cosy too. This movement of warm air helps reduce mould and makes your home healthier.

If your living room is warm but the rest of your house is cold, Heat Trans is the solution. It ensures the extra warmth is spread to places like bedrooms, making your entire home more comfortable. Plus, it’s the only system with special noise-reducing pipes, making it quiet and efficient for achieving a balanced and comfortable indoor climate.

Heat Transfer Brochure

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