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Air Conditioning Servicing

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Air Conditioning/Heat Pumps Servicing (Residential & Commercial)

Regular air conditioning/heat pump servicing is essential for maintaining optimal performance and extending the lifespan of your cooling and heating systems. We recommend that you service your home’s air conditioning or heat pump unit once every year before winter.

Just give us a call for regular servicing. We will clean the filters, deodorise/disinfect the coils, and test the unit to make sure it works well.

If your air conditioning unit is having issues, schedule a service for repairs.

We also offer commercial air conditioning and heat pump services. We do the work when you need it and provide the necessary paperwork (12A form) on request.

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24/7 Call Out Services for Any Emergencies

Got an electrical emergency? Please call us at (07) 571 1170 for urgent after-hours assistance. Our dedicated team will reach there ASAP to address all types of electrical emergencies.